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22 March 2017 at 15:12:51 MDT

Look guys, I made a new fursona!
I updated Di's design! (Not by much, though.)
And, yes, in this pic: TM,IAD, you see Di doesn't have big bloobs anymore.
I honestly... really hate drawing those now...
I gotta know where they go and everything...
And, if they look right...
And, it's exhausting.
So, little doggie teats!
(Though, I don't mind her being drawn with breasts. I'M just not going to do it all (or often, because I did it with Cop Di))
Wait, is that where they're supposed to go???
I kinda gave her a dog udder I don't even know anymore...
You know what? They're not important. It doesn't matter.

Di also has a more pronounced muzzle, like a real Doberman.
...uh, well... as "real" as a 5 foot tall bipedal purple and brown Doberman is going to be.
Another thing with her design now will be that her tag will have "Di" or some sort of Di pun on it.
The First Aid one still exists! I just did this for when she's not Dr. Puppy. When she's just Purple Puppy. Or PB&J Dobie. teehehehe

She also has that thing where her mouth goes missing for a bit. It's... kinda eerie, to be honest... Where does it go? Why does it go where I can't follow?

(Okay, actual "Di is inaugurated to Main Fursona Status" picture. Vote Di for Prez 2020)
(Bonus WIP for my IB fans! :3c)

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