Sonja's Alolan Forms (Litten and Torracat) by FluffRig

Sonja's Alolan Forms (Litten and Torracat)


14 January 2017 at 14:44:39 MST

I was originally going to make Sonja a Meowth (Kanto, not Alolan), but Torracat came up and I was like: "No, she's going to be THAT."
Okay, it was inspired by someone in the YouTube comments saying that Torracat "is a Maine Coon" and I was like, "NO WAY, YOU'RE RIGHT".
So, Torracat Sonja.
(I somewhat regret not making her a Alolan Meowth, because Alolan Persian is so freaking cute... <3 But, her being a large bipedal cat later actually works better.)

Before you ask/say it, yes, Litten Sonja's legs are an odd (and possibly clashing) color combo. I was coloring off the top of my head and when I saw how it looked, I decided to keep them that way. Why? They look like candy cane socks, that's why. I wanna eat her legs. licks lips ...wait, those are MY legs. looks down; legs have been self-cannibalized OH GO-
As you can see, when she evolves, her legs are a more attractive color.
(Also, everyone teased me for it, so lay off, okay? holds back tears)

Torracat is really adorable, I had a hard time evolving mine... but, Big Daddy Kitty Cat was waiting for me... Litten, y u do this to me?
(Even my mom who hates cats thought he was cute.)
You guys don't understand how long and hard I worked to get a Litten... They're so cute, but dangit, Popplio is the BEST and I had to have him first.
Sorry, irrelevant.

Torracat Sonja's head reminds me of Tails?? Is it just me? It might be just me...
Also, the only reason her collar didn't burn off is because it's flame-retardant. Of course they sell flame-retardant collars in the Pokemon universe! Not everyone has non-flammable pets! (Thank goodness for my friends or I would have stayed a Litten forever...)

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