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New Catsona!


18 August 2016 at 16:11:02 MDT

So, on my birthday, I didn't really make a birthday picture like I wanted. I'll finish it one day...

Instead, I sketched the design for a new fursona! I had the idea in my head and I was finally glad to be able to flesh it out!
I'm a kitty now! :3
My stripes are the only thing that's kinda... eh for me, but otherwise I love my design!

I'm a huge fan of Orange Tabbies, Tuxedo Cats, and Calicos! ^-^
So, I said, "Why can't I be all three?"
I love when people draw bowties on Tuxedo cats, it's really adorable, I'm sorry, I'm just gushing right now
I also love when cats have the off-color toes. I usually hate asymmetrical things on designs, but for cats... they get a pass.

She's the third most complicated character I've drawn behind Speckles and Pace.
...okay, maybe FOURTH, because Ben takes forever...

I was going to make her hair (head fur) orange, but it would have made her look like Pace. XD
So, I made it white because of me accidentally making it white on this picture: [Link Soon]
I also have heterochromia, another trait I love with ca-- err, animals.
Fun fact: My granddad used to have a catfish with heterochromia. I loved that fish. But, he passed away...

Did I mention that this was a bad move? Like... I'm really e--
---asily distra--
--cted with things now.
Like, feathers! That just suddenly appear over my he-- OH MY GOSH, FEATHER bats
And, random yarnballs that roll by. they still make ya-- YARNBALL! chases

At the same time, I realize why I didn't work being a dog (besides Di).

I mean, so many things connect!

  • When I don't want to do things, I make it hard by running and hiding.
  • I hate breaking schedule.
  • I love the night time and I'm very capable of seeing the (mostly) dark.
  • I'm better at meowing, purring, and hissing than I am at barking.
  • I like clawing things. ...or "nailing" in my case. NO, NOT THAT KIND OF NAI
  • I hate the vet (doctor). ...okay, I hate vets as well.
  • I can be either extremely affection or extremely irritable/grumpy/aggressive. But, I think the latter is because of my depression.
  • I love fish. I don't think you understand. I LOVE fish. I drink the water in tuna. Not on a bet. BECAUSE I LIKE IT. I like those Omega-3 pills that taste like fish. Why? BECAUSE I LOVE FISH. (I know dogs also love fish, but they're usually associated with steak and chicken and bones.)
  • I like bell collars over dog ones. Bells are great. HOLYCRAPOLAILOVEBELLS (Ironic, as they're there to let people know where the cat is. HOW DARE YOU RUIN MY STEALTH)
  • I'm really good at noticing things and seeing something move that no one else notices until it's too late (aka huge ass cockroaches).
  • All I do is eat, sleep, and repeat.
  • I like laying around places and I can sleep literally ANYWHEREas long as I'm comfortable. Needle bed? As long as it doesn't stab me as much my MINE does, I'll be good. I was so tired and sick one time, I fell asleep standing up.
  • I demand that people feed me. And, acknowledge how great I am. But, they don't. Instead, I'm treated like I'm a pet. I AM OVER YOU, ALL HOW DARE YOU TREAT ME THIS WAY, I AM THE MASTER, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND (whoa, sorry about that, this is getting to my head)
  • I'm very curious. It hasn't killed me yet.
  • I'll always eat want to eat food that's not mine or mine yet (aka food commercials), but when I have my own, it takes me forever to want it. some cases.
  • I love lasagna. Like, my mom bought 5 boxes of it once. I ate them all. I wanted MORE afterwards. ...okay, that's Garfield, but still!
  • All I eat is meat (and pasta). Dangit, these are all food-related. XD
  • I can achieve great things and all I'll do is lay around.
  • I don't like water. Or baths. Yet, I care about being clean. XD
  • I'm not very vocal or sociable... I try to be, but it's draining...
  • When given the choice to fight or flight, I get the heck outta dodge. But, if I'm cornered and have to fight, I do it. ...but, I'd rather run up a tree and have the fire department animal control get me down.
  • I'm smart and because I don't feel like doing work/don't know everything, I'd rather people think I'm a moron. doesn't work...
  • I like being fluffy and cute and unless I'm a variety of fluffy, small dogs, that's not going to work out.

I still have no idea what kind of cat I am. I'm kinda big irl, so Maine Coon?, I'm skinnier... also, that's what I made Astrinka in the Cat AU because SHE'S huge. ... Too late to make myself a Scottish Fold... that woulda been great... I would had floppy ears and everything. I'm an idiot.
...Ragdoll? Okay, no, just looked those up along with other cats...
Maybe I'm just a mutt like Ben...
My coat's medium-length, though, unlike his...
So... I'm a Domestic Mediumhair?
Edit: I made a Domestic Mediumhair a real species in my universe. It's an extremely rare gene mutation that causes a merging between Shorthair and Longhair genes. If I'm wrong, I have no idea, I'm not that good at Science, go to Di about that!

Also... because this is fursona...
...and I'm fursona...
...and my name is Sonja...
...I now have a FOURTH character with that name.
...but, cat here is me. The other two don't really count.
Sonja (Persona) is a human. 'Nuff said.
Sonja (Popplio) is my character, not 'sona, in the Pokemon Universe. (Okay, Pokesona, but not my main 'sona anymore.)
Sonja (Werewolf) is a form of my persona, who is again, me. But, as a cartoon human.
...soooooooooooooo, it kinda doesn't count.
It's NOT me being unoriginal!
Also, when I name fursonas of mine a different name, I disassociate. (Ironically, not with Di, though.)
It's my name or nothing.

More trivia for anyone who cares: I was developing a Doberman 'sona named Deka (pronounced Day-gah) before I started on this 'sona and... I didn't like her that much after I was done... I like her design though! And, how she's polydactyl! And, in my universe, that means you have FIVE fingers instead of SIX (everyone normally has four fingers, so five would be correct). XD (But, in art/animations/etc. that has the characters with five fingers, it'd be six. Like Stanford!) I might still make her to have an alternate dog 'sona, but since I'm more cat-like than dog-like, it might not work out... she might just be shelved... I dunno anymore...

Who says the introductory picture has to be all happy?
I'm a worry-wort.

Whoops, I did a long description again

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