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Cats Can Fetch - p02 by FluffKevlar

Cats Can Fetch - p02


11 July 2017 at 17:44:49 MDT

Page 2, Zoqi knows something Twix doesn't!

Cats Can Fetch is a 16 page, M/H comic starring my subby boy feline Twix, and intersex/shemale doberman girl Lia, with a guest role from Wyntersun's bat-fox Zoqi. It's not my usual subject matter, so don't freak out if you're worried I'm suddenly changing what I usually draw. This was just a cute little story I wanted to tell, meant to be light-hearted and a change of pace for me. I'm hoping people won't get their jimmies rustled by intersex/shemale stuff as well as I'm not trying to make any kind of statement, but EH, it's the internet, anything can happen. I hope those of you who enjoy the ride do!

I'm aware the comic has been leaked/posted elsewhere, it's the internet.

Patreon 5$ and up supporters got to see the pages as-they're-being-made, and in HD. But I've always said I would post my stuff entirely free at a later date for people who can't support it, and will post a page per day from now til it's done. Patreons see the sketches, inks, progress thoughts and higher resolutions as a thank-you for supporting it! If you like what you see and wish to support my comics, I would be ever thankful, just as I am to my existing contributors, this simply wouldn't have happened without all of you. You can support them via Patreon, or purchase it in physical printed format or digital PDF soon!

Thank you all for the support both monetarily and verbally, and enjoy the ride!

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    Yes, the dog one. Descriptive, ZoQi.

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    Interesting footwear. Does the light serve any purpose, like to tell you the soles are wearing out, or is it there just to look neat?

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      I'm not actually sure, haha. It could mean a few things, I think!

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    I'm pretty sure you sold this comic, right? Because I'm pretty sure I bought it and I'm glad I did! It's super cute and hot~