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16 August 2015 at 13:32:48 MDT

For those who don't know, I'm transgender.

I was born female in 1988, and have spent a large portion of my young life always feeling wrong, ugly, weird, incorrect...The list goes on.

Several years ago, I started wearing a binder. I started going by "they" pronouns, then "he". I explored my gender with close friends. And I found that living as male, I had been happier than I ever was as a female.

I distinctly remember times throughout my childhood where I acted as a boy. Through puberty, I always gravitated towards the boys' section of Kohl's. I remember wearing boxer briefs one day and feeling a surge of comfort, moreso than I ever felt. I made rash attempts to come to terms with my birth gender: acting promiscuously, flaunting and showing off, desperate for approval from others, since I absolutely could not find it within myself at the time. The character "Floe" was even a hypersexualized attempt at embracing it, but it always felt like a farce.

Through much therapy and communication with my loved ones, I have made the decision to fully transition physically into a more masculine appearance, to better fit within the comfort I've experienced in my own head. I have recently started taking testosterone, but I need help to afford the next step: Top surgery.

Put simply, if all of my followers donated .62 cents, I'd have enough for my top surgery where my gofundme stands right now.

Don't get me wrong: I'm putting aside a huge chunk of my paycheck toward a biweekly savings on my own. But with my student loans, rent, food, gas, and general living, it's really hard to make a dent in my fund. I work at a minimum wage coffee shop.

My goal is to obtain top surgery in a year, after I'm trimmed some excess fat from my body and been on T for a while. If you can spare anything at all, I would be eternally grateful.

Thanks for reading.


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    I'd donate if I could give $0.62, but I'm just about to start the expensive part of my own transition and I'm in the red anyway. I'm sorry, friendly dog creature!

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    I cannot donate however I can wish you the absolute best when you do undergo transition! It takes a lot of courage to be the person you want to me and that's pretty beautiful when you think about it. Good Luck!