I`ll Stand by You by Fleki

I`ll Stand by You


1 November 2012 at 06:24:06 MDT

This moment when you realise that it's not gravity holding you to the planet. It's him. That nothing makes you more happy than his smile, nothing gives you more drive to move on.

No matter what happens, no matter how hard life can be, one special person always reminds me who I am and why I`m still alive. This wonderful feeling I have for him is the most precious thing I ever had and I`m happy to share it with him.

Today is his birthday, it`s 26 years for you and only 2 years for us yet. But it feels like I know you whole my life and even more...

Happy Birthday, Karakina. You are my everything ~<3

 Oh, why you look so sad?   
 Tears are in your eyes…   
 Come on and come to me now.   
 Don't be ashamed to cry,   
 Let me see you through,   
 'cause I've seen the dark side too…   
 When the night falls on you,   
 You don't know what to do…   
 Nothing you confess   
 Could make me love you less... 

 I'll stand by you,   
 I'll stand by you.   
 Won't let nobody hurt you,   
 I'll stand by you...


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