Be Mine by flannmoriath

Be Mine


31 January 2014 at 16:16:32 MST

A pencil drawing commission for LamishHamish on DA of her Siberian husky character Rachelle and allunteri on DA's Siberian husky character Rocky.

Commission information:

Critiques warmly welcomed! I'd especially like advice on making dogs look breed-specific (do these dogs look like Siberian huskies?).

Traditionally drawn.
Time spent: A few hours.

Art © Flann Moriath 2014
Characters © LamishHamish on DA and allunteri on DA
Please do not trace, reference, or repost in whole or in part. Thank you.

Submission Information

Visual / Traditional


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    I love the tail-face-snugs. The posing is adorable!

    I struggle with the breed issue myself so any 'advice' might not be much as such! I think the one on the right though, looks more like a siberian husky than the one on the left? On my own struggle I tried to do a line up of dogs of different mixes and breeds, and went through some AKC and working-dog specifications, and pulled apart the differences between some breeds that way ( using some personal knowledge and pictures of a freight team i worked with as well!). Sometimes there's emphisis on slope of forehead in one breed over another, in huskies- the ears are really pointed, I've noticed compared to like a wolf but not the same shape as a german shepard. I really don't know. I saw an art meme running around that had similar breed looking dogs as reference pictures and you are to draw them out in your style so they can be recognizable? Would that help?

    XD I think I'd love to see the breed-meme in your style! That would be really neat!

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      Thank you so much for the detailed comment! :D I've seen that meme too and thought about giving it a shot. Maybe I will someday! :3

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    I just love how you draw characters' faces, they always look so full of life <3