Amalthealuchiaroseaizen's Fantasy Beast by FlameWolf

Amalthealuchiaroseaizen's Fantasy Beast


30 January 2014 at 05:58:22 MST

amalthealuchiaroseaizen participated in my brief journal for free artistic freedom characters. Her three colors were emerald, silver and gold.

Notes on this gal that I thought of while designing her. Please don't feel obligated to keep the small details I added. They're just for fun :3

  • She can change the number of her tails.
  • She can summon or disperse little balls of spirit fire
  • Her chest gem contains her magic
  • The scales on her legs are made out of a sort of natural metal alloy that actually grows on her kind.
  • In the dark she has some spots on her tail that glow.

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    A nice start on a new creature. You have potential to grow the more you explore and create like this. Perhaps make a sheet with a character turn around, showing the other angles of your creature, and a few action shots of these abilities. This will bring depth into her as a fully formed character and also allow you to give a life to the character. Even a few emotion faces can show what personality she may contain.

    I bet this community sees great things from you.

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      I wanted to leave her as much of a blank slate for the person I'm giving her to. I want them to be able to make her into whatever they want. I find I mostly need to work on my angles. Foreshortening is really hard for me and I would love any tip about it.

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    Look into perspective. One point perspective especially. This gives your the feeling of foreshortening as things lessen into the background. Also buy a four-legged animal toy that can be stood in the angle you like. Practice the pose within perspective points and you will see it given depth, which translates that 3D feeling.

    Side thought, try varying the thickness of your lines at the ends, it can give the feeling of a pen pressure and flows. Uniform lines can feel static. I guess you are using Sai or FireAlpaca?

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      Yes I'm using Sai. I don't know how to do pen pressure effect by hand or by using a tablet. Tablets are way different than anything I've ever been used to. Thanks for the tips! I'll try them out! :3