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Breakfast in Excess 3 (by Wonkalicious) by flamecoil

Breakfast in Excess 3 (by Wonkalicious)


Although the day grew long, and the meal that was technically still breakfast continued all throughout, Dom's cooking prowess was only stopped by the limited resources he had within a quick dash of his kitchen. Stockpiles of flour, meat, eggs and syrup were all brought down to more manageable levels thanks to Charkol's ever-expanding gut -- that of which had grumbled and groaned the entire way in protest of each additional plate of food. By the end of it all, only a comparatively slight mess of syrup and some crumbs ended up as the remains of the massive meal that the wolf had prepared for his now super-sized feedee.

Since Charkol wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, it was pretty safe to say that the next time that Dom wanted to practice his cooking skills he'd have a mouth to feed!

flamecoil Charkol(Anthro)
Dom - wolfpotato89@Twitter

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