Personal::Weekend warrior by FishyBoner

Personal::Weekend warrior


21 August 2015 at 09:20:19 MDT

Some personal work. Trying to mimic a softer realistic style.

Sketch can be found on my twitter.

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    Dude you drew those crossbow things awesomely (I know nothing about weaponry)
    And I like the softer style, it's beautiful! Plus the way you did the picture all green and used the lighting effects. You are just so talented. I also like the realistic look, the face in particular - you can see the structure in the cheekbones and muzzle, with them teefs! AND the detail on that jacket, WOAAAAAH

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      Thank you!
      I used a lot of reference material for this. The mini crossbow are rendered after a pair that chaos crafted for me, along with my jacket. I used a few photos of hyenas that I took at the Milwaukee a while back. Went to the zoo on a whim, and was so happy I had my DSLR and my telephoto marco len(ef 100mm f/2.8l). Did not know till arriving that they bring the hyenas in to a smaller inside area, and hide food and peanut butter around the enclosure in the afternoon. I was there for about an hour, and took around 16 gigs of photos. I also own a replica hyena skull, which really helped in drawing the teeth just right.

      The studio I am working at is having me do all the art in this softer style, and just wanted to try it out with some more freedom.