Cool Time, Pool Time! by Firehazard

Cool Time, Pool Time!


31 July 2016 at 19:50:07 MDT

In the pool that we've always had! That we use all the time! And the school has always had an elevator!

Click for full view; it's in HD!

Yes, it was ten years ago on this date that the Strong Bad Email "keep cool" debuted. And I've been wanting to do a picture like this for quite some time now, but I'm glad I waited this long since I get to include a couple of my newest characters in it.

EDIT 12/26/2018: I decided I hated how the water and background turned out and redid them, along with a few other things. I used this tutorial along with this brush for the trees and a way-too-involved process for the water.


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    This looks like a fun time.

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    Hehe.. Our family cabin has a pool, .., and your art mirrors our pool this last week! Right down to the lifeguard being hit upon. We just don't have a diving board (liability issues and all).

    Fun pic, Firehazard: Awesome👍