Mel Grant Blep! by Findley-foxx

Mel Grant Blep!


20 July 2018 at 21:22:07 MDT

For my second post for today, I have another piece I wanted to upload! This one is of my good folf friend visions-of-a-wolf, otherwise known as Mel. x3

This piece was a quick surprise gift piece I did for him, featuring his fursona doing a silly little blep! :3

Since I still had another piece in the making, I tried to challenge myself with this one by attempting to complete it (with color) in a shorter amount of time than usual, while still keeping most of the essential details. It took me a couple days to finish it, and by the time it was done I was happy with the final product, and gladly so was Mel! ^w^

Art by me, FindleyFoxx FindleyFoxx
Character (Melmond) by visions-of-a-wolf