Dressed to entrance by Ficus

Dressed to entrance


14 November 2017 at 11:50:50 MST

Ficus and Lavender had been trying on clothes for half an hour, with help of course. The store attendant had been raving about this little number, and how it's perfect for them.

"It's a little much, isn't it?" Ficus asked with concern

The sales attendant cheerily assured her "Oh not at all! That look is IN nowadays! You'll look fantastic! Trust me you'll feel just as dressed as ever"

Ficus struck a pose to take a full look at herself, "It just seems.. a little much? Do you have something that's... less clothes-y?"

"You already turned down the swimsuits and the pasties." The attendant explained, for the 4th time

"I don't have nipples! What are they supposed to cover?!" Ficus shouted

As Ficus continued to nitpick and argue about these bold new clothes, Lavender had decided she already loved it, and they were definitely wearing this home

Kraken was a lovely help with this picture, sketching in my new outfit for me. I wouldn't have made a lot of these design choices, and that like, otherness really means a lot to me.

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    so... Ficus is a chimera? like... snake tail, leon face and all those things? I never see a chimera-Furry but... if i was that attendant i would be like "and how we gonna make a place for the snake in the clothes?"

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      My sona is a chimera, yes. A bighorn Ram, Cougar, and timber rattlesnake mix.

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    A multi-personality chimera is the best kind of chimera. No way that kind of amalgam would ever be 'normal' :D