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[2018] Willow by FibS

[2018] Willow


Hello dreamers!!

Willow finally gets a SFW pic!

I wasn't sure what his outfit would be other than it's a robe. This is just one possible idea for his outfit, and I'm not 100% sure I like it. Oh well! Guess I'll have to do a Willow Re-Redux sometime! Doh ho ho ho!

So as part of trying to make the outfit look more nice, in the last few hours of time to get this done, I instantly made up a pseudo-religion for Elae Meltaea and tacked on a lil' pendant for Willow to wear based on it because he's a cinnamon roll and would love it.

Basically, some folk do tell that everyone has "most of a heart" and is missing some parts. You gots to share your heart with everybody else so eventually everybody has a complete one. It's an elaborate and cheesy metaphor (OR IS IT?!?!) for helping each other up when you're down that sweethearts like Willow would be totally into. It also makes him even more popular with girls who like dumb sappy crap like that, in addition to his darling appearance and [REDACTED].

By the by, Willow is a horrifying lightning mage and, somehow, also a cleric. That's probably because people who touch the gem on the end of his stick sometimes get fried and he has to heal them.

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