JetDWolf Pendant (Unvarnished) by Feyala

JetDWolf Pendant (Unvarnished)


24 July 2015 at 23:10:15 MDT

Here's another view of this piece before the varnish, shiny reflections ate a lot of the details!

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    Have you considered using a UV resin to fill the eyes? Surface tension keeps it domed. It may be worth experimenting.

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      I've thought about UV resins before, but they look like they need special equipment (the uv lamp) and are also kinda expensive. Other clear resins have problems with yellowing or bubbles. Basically it could be done but it would require a lot of R&D and another finnicky material for not a lot of gain - I didn't get much interest in pendant commissions once I raised them to $60. They take way more time than they're worth as it is, basically. XD

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      I do appreciate the thought though! Especially when I get into doing stuff with LEDs, clear resin of some sort would be neat.

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        You could just make a a cast, for the eyeball by pushing the round piece of clay into the socket. Then make a mold you can pour the resin in upside down. If you make hole in the head that matches a stick from the resin, you can put glue on the stick and not have the glue interfere with your paint, cause it will be inside the pupil.

        Well, it makes sense as I say it. It would be an engineering challenge, but with some graph paper, colored pencils, and patience, I bet you'll innovate something that no one else has thought to do.

        That's how my pouring tea earrings worked. Took 3 weeks to engineer. Buuuut I'm stupid and didn't write it down, so I have to kind of re-engineer the whole thing with no originals. (I created and internal structure to make sure there was no chance that the "tea" or cup would separate from the pot. It was hell to bake, but so worth the effort.

        Oh, you can also make the have the resin semi harden and roll them into balls. Just pour a little on freezer paper. It comes right up. When it's got enough hold on itself to stay together, but still soft enough for the bottom to setting into the socket. Once it hardens, you can just pop it out and use them. (Of course, you would let them setting into a cast or mold. Not the actual piece, unless you know a way for it to stay on and not need to be glued. And not mess with the paint.

        There's some tutorial I saw about making eyes for fursuits. Might help. xP Well, I like your stuff anyway.