The Caretaker P.2 by FenTheCursed

The Caretaker P.2

My eyes jolted open only to be met with a hard glare of the sun through the window. Catching my bearings I started to pad around almost in a panic. I tried to stretch out only to be met with a numbing pain growing the more I moved. Rolling didn't exactly work out one way only to try and roll the other way and meeting the floor. That's not my bed, this isn't my room, where the hell am--

"Ah you're awake, finally."

My ears twitched at the sudden sound. It took every ounce of strength to properly get up and even at that I was anchored on the couch. Knees were weak, everything was still blurry, tried to speak but felt like I didn't have the breath to. The warmth of a body wrapped around me as I went to hug it back.

"You had me scared last night. I saw something from you that I never thought I would see."

My sight became clear, seeing them in front of me with a worried look. My senses came back to me all at once, the smell of breakfast cooking, the sound of sizzling bacon, my eyesight hitting a near perfect sight, then the pain really kicked in. I was brought to my knees and before I could say anything I growled and groaned holding myself up by my arms.

"Easy puppy. Easy. I got you"

My arm wrapped around their shoulder as I anchored on them. We walked slowly to the table. I felt like I was having a bit of muscle therapy. As we made our way to the table I tried to recall what happened last night. I remember asking them to take care of me. The moon, almost called out to me. Once I got into that car...

"Eat up Puppy. You need to regain your strength."

A plate full of Bacon, Sliced Ham, Toast, Hashbrowns, and Steak snapped me out of my gaze. A voice in the back corners of my mind echoed out telling me to feast. I didn't even bother with my untensils and started chomping down. I could hear that same growl in the back of my mind as I devoured the meal. So many flavors, the warmth of the meal, it was divine.

"Be good while I'm gone ok? I need to go grab a few things."

I swallow whatever was in my mouth and start up to say something only to see them already closing and locking the door. Looking back to the food I finished up whatever else was on my plate and tried to at least stand. It wasn't exactly easy but I managed to walk over to a part of the floor that didn't have furniture. My first instinct was to sit down and relax, air out any stress that was on the mind. Breathing in, hold, count to three, breathe out. Repeating the process and trying to clear my mind to get that picture.

A wolf walks up to me slowly, circling when it gets close enough. It doesn't look that it is going for a kill. After circling for a bit the wolf walks up slowly to me and rests its forehead on mine. I get a solid look at it's eyes, the grey eyes, with that small yellow tint around the iris. It took only but a minute to realize. That wolf is me, it's trying to connect. I try to project a nod to the wolf and I'm met with more circling only to realize it isn't coming back around. Rather I could feel my back being split open and something entering in through my spine.It should be painful but something feels blissful. I'm knocked out of my trance and hear the door close.

"Ok, I got some things that I read online could be useful." They set down the bags of gear. "A Pendant and chain, a wolf's pelt, and ehh--"

They already turned around at saying wolf's pelt only to see my body shift back to the same werewolf form from last night. Seeing them walk up to me and pet my head. I nuzzled into their pet happily. My jaw grew out to a full muzzle and bones cracked, rearranging, a tail sprouting out.

"Puppy? Can you hear me? Can you understand me?"

I tried to speak but was only me with a distorted bark and tilted my head in confusion and tried to speak again, "Yeah. Yeah I can."

The Caretaker P.2


1 January 2018 at 21:33:44 MST

I really liked the idea behind the whole caretaker story and wanted to see how far I could continue in one sitting. This is the product of that sit down.

Have a Happy New Year and Full Moon everyone


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