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Fursuit Challenge - "Spirit Halloween" Mask Refurb by FenneCat

Fursuit Challenge - "Spirit Halloween" Mask Refurb


Welp. I couldn't help myself. I did this just to see if I could.
I'm pretty dang happy with it, though. xD Overall I think it turned out pretty nice. I
started with the original "White Wolf" mask. The original fur was not glued on anywhere
but the snout so it was easy to pull off. The eyes were easy to remove and and the
plastic is thin enough to cut out wider eye holes as well.

The upper jaw snapped a chunk of the plastic off upon removal, however, so I had to
repair that. But other than that, it was pretty straightforward. I lined the inside with a soft
fleece and also sewed in a balaclava to line it the rest of the way. It was also my first
time using an airbrush, so that was pretty interesting.

In the end, it was a lot of fun to do. ^v^ It's not perfect by any means, but I'm pretty
content with it (especially being that I don't normally do realism) I'm currently accepting
offers for the mask, so that I can maybe get back what I put into it. Just keep in mind
that this is not a "real" head. Meaning, it's built over a flimsy plastic, so it's not the
sturdiest thing in the world.

Challenge Video:

© Anna Newman.

Hey... Psstt. I hear that a Maskimals refurb is coming soon!

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