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A Curious Mask (Floragato TF) by fengune

A Curious Mask (Floragato TF)


A Curious Mask (Floragato TF)

You're walking through the crowded streets of Shibuya when you spot something glinting in the sun.

As you approach it you realize it's a dark green mask.
It almost looks like a classic bandit mask, but with two spikes on top and two smaller rounder ones under that.

Making it look like a small cat-like muzzle.

Something about it seems off. Yet you still pick it up and try it on.

As soon as the mask touches your skin, you are overcome with an intense dizziness. You close your eyes, trying to steady yourself.

But soon everything goes black.

When you open your eyes again, you are somewhere else entirely.
A dark place with clouds ominously covering the purple sky.

A great castle stands before you. Wherever you are it isn't Shibuya anymore.

Picking yourself up from the ground you inspect the place. Looking for a way out.

After a while of searching you don't find any way out. You did however find a small puddle.
As you look into it you see your own face.

At first you don't notice anything wrong, but after a couple of seconds. You see it.

The mask you wore earlier seems to have fused with your skin!

Your face has pushed out slightly in a small cat-like muzzle, your nose is now smaller and pink.

Your eyes are now a deep shade of pink.

As you reach up to touch it you feel the soft fur of your face.

This is wrong you should be a human! Humans don't have such a face!

Yet you wonder why it took you so long to think there was something wrong with you.

After freaking out for some time you calm down. Standing around won't do you any good.
Maybe there's an exit inside the castle?

You decide to explore the castle and see if there's an exit there.

As you wander through the corridors of the castle you eventually come across a Purrloin.
It seems to be hiding behind the wall just before a corner.

You try to look around the corner to see what it's hiding for, but the Purrloin rushes towards you and drags you behind the wall too.
"What do you think you're doing? Are you trying to get us caught?" It says in a hushed voice.

You look surprised at the fact that they're speaking to you, "What?! you can speak!" You say loudly.

The cat pounces on your face. Almost making you fall down. "Shush, or they might hear you.."

They jump off of you. Landing on two feet. "Of course I can speak. Didn't you hear me with those big ears of yours?"

Light green fur grows around your head, hair turning into the same fur. Your ears migrate to the top of your head.
Growing larger and pointier. The tips are covered in green fur,
while the rest is covered in the same light green fur as the rest of your head.

"My ears aren't much bigger than yours cat." You retaliate. This time speaking quieter this time.

"But that's beside the point. You didn't explain why you can talk." you say.

"What's there to explain. We're both Pokémon. Of course we can understand each other."

You agree with him for a couple of seconds. Three tufts on light green fur growing on each of your cheeks.

Wait a minute you aren't a Pokémon!

"I'm not a Pokémon I'm a hu-gato. No, a Flora-man." You shake your head to get your thoughts straight.

"I'm a Floragato." You say with conviction.

Your clothes disappear as light green fur grows all over your body. Dark green fur growing on your chest.
Making it look like you're wearing a poncho. A pink flower bud grows just beside your neck.

Your fingers and toes merge together to form three thick digits as they turn into paws.
Dark green fur covering them. Nails turning into white claws.

Lastly you grow a small bushy tail covered in light green fur.

As your transformation finishes. The Purrloin looks at you like you're crazy.
"That's what I just said... We're both Pokémon..."

"You're right." You say nodding.

They roll their eyes. Muttering something about always getting the crazy ones.

"You want to get out of here right?" They ask

You nod.

"Well I know the way out. I just need you to help me steal something and then I'll show you the exit."

You think about it for a second and agree smiling. With your yo-yo skills you'll get out if here in no time.

I made it during the third suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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