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Brand New Underwear (Arcanine TF) by fengune

Brand New Underwear (Arcanine TF)


Brand New Underwear (Arcanine TF)

It's the new year and with that come new year resolutions. Every year you try to follow them and every time you quit early.

But this year is different! You say to yourself. This year all you want to do is try and train off your body.

Maybe get slimmer because of it as well. You remark as you see your noticeable belly.

So you get a membership for the gym and when the first Monday of the new year comes you go to the gym after work.

You're nervous about it. Thinking that other people would mock you for trying this.

It goes well enough. But after half an hour of half-arsed training. Since you don't really know how to actually train yourself.

You notice the other people look far more trained than you do.. And it's starting to get to you.

So you decide to go home. Rather depressed at your attempt.
On the way home you notice an ad about a new underwear supposed to help you with training.

It's red and it looks pretty tight.
Once you get home you stand in front of your mirror. Poking at your belly and untrained arms. Disappointed with yourself.

You remember the ad for the underwear and decide why not order it? It's not like it can get worse because of that..

The next day the underwear comes in and you try it on after coming home from work.

You put the underwear on and stand in front of the mirror. Trying to admire it, but only managing to disappoint yourself more.

Of course it wouldn't actually improve your body..

The ad would just say that so it would sell more...

It's also tighter than you're used to.. It also feels like it's getting tighter by the minute..

Walking away from the mirror with your head held down you notice something strange.

There's black fur rapidly growing on your belly?! It feels soft when you run your hand through it.

You quickly run back towards the mirror and take a look at yourself.

Sure enough you see yourself with your belly covered in black fur.

Though that's not the only place fur is growing.

You see it growing on your arms, legs and the rest of your body.

Orange fur with stripes of black fur soon covers your body.

Everywhere the fur grows you grow bigger and stronger. Though it didn't get rid of your belly.

Long thick beige coloured fur grows out from your elbows and ankles.

It's working! The underwear is actually working!

Nails turning into white claws. Your toes merging together to form three thick digits.

Your finger merge together too.

Leaving you with three fingers and a thumb. They're a lot thicker than before.

You admire your body in the mirror as you continue to change. Even posing a little.

Shaggy beige fur grows on your chest, up your neck and around your entire head.

Your hair turning into the same fur.

Ears growing longer and pointed. Growing into diamond-like shapes.

Your face grows outwards. Nose turning black and wet and you feel your teeth growing sharper.

You focus your attention on your face and see your long mane of beige fur. The only orange fur is around your eyes and ears.

Lastly feeling a pressure at the end of your spine.

As a large fluffy tail covered in the same beige fur as your mane grows out from it.

It's bent in the middle and almost as unkempt as your mane.

As your transformation finishes you continue to admire your body.

You can't believe that underwear actually worked!

This will be an interesting year to say the least.

I made it during the third suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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