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Joining the band (Toxitricity TF) by fengune

Joining the band (Toxitricity TF)


Joining the band (Toxitricity TF)

You’ve been a fan of the Maximizers for a long time now. Even being inspired by them to learn how to play the electric guitar!

The announcement that the lead guitarist was going to stop was a hard blow to you.

At least the band still wants to keep going.

Even though they have to look for a new lead guitarist.

They announced that they’ll be accepting applications for it through email. Anyone could apply for it.

You’ve been a fan for so long. Even knowing how to play all of their songs. So you think about applying for it.

You’re curious if you can even be accepted into a band consisting of only Pokemon. Still might as well give it a shot.

You send them a message stating that you’re a long time fan of the band. That you’re a human playing the electric guitar.

That you hope that humans are allowed to apply. And that you want to apply to be the new lead guitarist.

It doesn’t take long for you to get a reply back. They say that it doesn’t matter that you’re human.

And that you’ll get the opportunity to show your skills to the band. You just have to go to a house in Hulbury tomorrow. Near where they’re performing and show off your skills.

If they think you’re good enough you’ll be accepted as the new lead guitarist!

The next day you show up to the address specified in the message with your electric guitar on your back and amplifier in hand. Both are in their respective cases.

This house is probably where they practice playing as a band.

You ring the bell and soon Obstacoon opens the door for you.

You greet them and say you’re here for the application.

They greet you back in a deep voice. Or at least you assume that’s what they did. You don’t really understand Pokemon speech…

They let you inside.

You see both Rillaboom and Toxitricity sitting, chilling and talking with each other. There isn’t anyone else around except for the three Pokemon and you.

Once they notice you walking inside they greet you as well. You think…

The lack of humans to talk to makes you nervous. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

Noticing this Obstacoon puts a paw on your shoulder. Smiling at you and pointing towards an empty spot at the end of the room.

You’re guessing that that’s where you can do your performance.

You swallow your nerves and set up your guitar and amplifier.

Once you finish you can see that all the band members are looking at you intently. Curious to see how good you are.

You’re getting nervous again, but this time you can focus on your music to pull yourself up from the nerves.

So you start to play one of their songs.

As you finish the song. The band members start to clap and cheer for you.

You smile.

It seems like they think you’re good enough.

They start to discuss something with each other. Looking at you for a couple of seconds with a thoughtful look on their face. Eventually all of them nodded towards each other.

Toxitricity stands up motioning for you to follow them.

You put down your guitar and follow them.

Both of you move towards a room at the back of the house. There’s a couple of chairs you can sit on. Which both of you do.

You ask Toxitricity if you did it. If you are good enough to join the band.

They nod at you with a smile. Holding one finger up as if to say that there’s only one thing left to do.

You’re curious as to what that one thing is and ask about it.

Toxitricity replies. Though you don’t understand any of it.

They stand up. Their crest starts to flare up and they strum the organs on their body. You hear the familiar deep bass sound of Toxitricity. Only this time you feel it resonate through you.

Feeling the sound going through your entire body. Your body reacts to it.

The changes are happening too quick for you to even react.

Your hair changes into a mohawk of yellow lightning. Going from your nose to your upper back.

Purple scales start to grow everywhere on your body. Clothes disappearing wherever they grow.

Two smaller separate crests of lighting grow beneath your new mohawk on your back.

Four purple spikes grow from your back. Two on your shoulder blades and two above your hips.

Yellow scales grow in an oval shape around the spikes. On the rest of your back grow purple scales.

Your ears change into two long purple spikes on the side of your head. Two smaller spikes grow on the top of your head. Besides your mohawk.

Fingers and toes merging together into three as the purple scales grow there as well. Yellow scales grow on the soles of your feet and the front/palm of your hands.

Four purple spikes grow on your wrists. Purple scales grow on your legs.

With yellow ones growing in some areas. Making it look like you’re wearing ripped jeans.

Your arms grow longer as your legs shrink.

Your face pushes out into a muzzle. Yellow scales grow on the bottom of your mouth.

From there they continue down towards your neck, upper arms and the front of your body.

Purple scales grow on the rest of your body and head.

Eyes turning fully white. Only your pupil is black. Two sharp fangs protrude from the upper part of your mouth.

The underside of your eyes grows a darker purple. Looking like mascara.

Your nose disappears. Though unseen you’re still able to smell.

A crescent-shaped object grows from your waist. It has spikes all over with a larger one at the back.

Lastly your new oval-shaped purple organs grow from your chest.

Now that you’re fully changed. Toxitricity smiles at you. Putting a paw on your shoulder.

Welcome to the band.”

How do you react?

I made it during the second suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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