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A curious cookie (Charizard TF) by fengune

A curious cookie (Charizard TF)


A curious cookie (Charizard TF)

It's been a long day and you feel like you could use a snack. Luckily you've brought home some of the bakeries best snacks.

The smell has been taunting you all day, but you've managed to hold yourself back from eating the entire bag in one go.

Rummaging through the bag you immediately notice something you didn't order.

It's a cookie in the shape of a cartoonish Charizard.

You smile at it. It must be something the baker put in as a reward for being a returning customer.

Either that or they accidentally put it in your order…

But you're not going to question it too much. It's a free cookie. You're just going to enjoy it.

So you take it and bite into it.

The flavour isn't that great.. Not something you'd expect.

Usually the bakery's goods taste great.

Still you finish it. Kind of disappointed about it, but what could you do? It wasn't even something you ordered.

You're about to grab something else from the bag, but a nauseous feeling overcomes you. Stomach grumbling.

Maybe that's why the cookie didn't taste that good…

You sit down rubbing your stomach to try and calm it down.

It seems to work as you feel something warm coming up your throat. Thinking it's a burp you let it out.

You look in both shock and awe as a spout of flame bursts from your mouth.

So many questions go through your head. How could this happen? Why did this happen? Let's hope the smoke alarm doesn't go off…

But before you can think about answers you notice your nausea is gone.

That flame seems to have done the job…

Your shirt feels incredibly tight for some reason. You look down just in time to see it rip apart. Cream coloured scales showing themselves on your stomach.

Your stomach has grown chubbier. But that's the least of your concerns.

You just spat out flames and now you're growing scales? What's happening to you?

The scales are familiar to you. The first creature you can think of with cream scales on their stomach is a Charizard.

You're turning into a Charizard?!!

For some reason the thought feels comforting and enjoyable…

You should be panicking about this. Trying to think about ways to stop and reverse this.

But you aren't. You feel like you're in a trance.

You feel like you want to be a Charizard.

That's right. You'd love to be a Charizard.

The cream coloured scales finish covering most of your chest and stomach. Orange scales now grow to cover the rest.

You feel a pressure at the end of your spine.

Knowing what it must be you stand up and move out of the way of any furniture.

The pressure grows and grows. Until a long thick tail bursts from your pants. Completely destroying them.

You hold your tail in your hands.

Orange scales cover the top and cream scales cover the bottom.

The feeling of your tail on your hands and your hands on your tail is unreal. You can't help but wiggle your tail in excitement.

But you do feel like you're missing something…

Just then the end of your tail sparks and a small flame starts burning on it.

That's more like it!

The orange scales keep growing all over your body while you enjoy your new tail.

Your body grows wider and chubbier as they finish covering your chest.

As they reach your neck. It starts to grow longer.

Arms and legs growing shorter. As the scales grow there as well.

You start to admire your belly, tail swishing around when you feel two pressures around your shoulder blades.

Just like with your tail you know what this means.

You arch your back as two wings slowly form. Orange scales run along the top, a spike growing in the middle of the top.

Blue-green membrane forms underneath. They grow longer and wider.

Until you have a full set of draconic Charizard wings.

You run your hands along them in awe. Tail swishing around even faster than before.

Your legs grow thicker toes merging to form three long white claws.

Fingers meeting the same fate as your toes.

As they merge to form three fingers tipped with long white claws.

You have to be careful admiring your wings now.

Almost a full Charizard now. Only your head remains, but not for much longer.

Your face pushes out into a long draconic muzzle.

Nose flattening out until only two slits remain.

Teeth growing sharper. Two of them on the front even grow long enough to not fit in your mouth when closed.

Two horns grow out the back of your head. Ears disappearing. Skull changing shape.

Lastly your eyes change colour to blue.

Finally leaving you a full Charizard. Stretching your wings out. Letting your tail swish. You let out a roar in excitement. A gout of flame gushing out from your maw.

This time the smoke detectors do go off.

Snapping you out of your trance.

Confused, you try to walk towards the smoke detector to turn it off.

Only for you to trip over your new tail.
You fall face first on the ground.

You blush as the memory of the transformation comes back to you.

What will you do now?

Good luck with being a chubby Charizard!

I made it during the second suggestion round I did on twitter.

Doing this mostly for archiving purposes because twitter isn't exactly the best for archiving.

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