Happy Go Lucky Charleen by FelouseFarnayne

Happy Go Lucky Charleen


9 November 2014 at 10:17:50 MST

What?! A picture with actual inking, colouring, shading and background included? Am I sick? XD Ok everyone meet another new character of mine that I just couldn't resist giving the full works of adding colours to. Charleen nicknamed "Choco" is an orphan child who is best friends with Lili http://luna777.deviantart.com/art/Lili-is-back-376928834 (created by my sweetheart luna777 ) and she is a character who always has her head up in the clouds so to speak.

Rarely seen with any other expression than a relaxed smile, Choco's mind always seems to be elsewhere, even when talking to people. This by no stretch of the imagination leads to embarrassing situations that she never quite notices and never realising the effect she has on people around her because of this mindset she's always in. Regardless she is always optimistic and willing to help out in her own little way when she can and does her best.

Her most biggest hobby is laying down on her bed at her orphanage home and reading books in her spare time she gets to relax.

Art and Charleen "Choco" - Felouse Farnayne with creative help and advice from <3 Luna777 <3

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