Jenna's Hardsuit by felonykat

Jenna's Hardsuit


1 February 2015 at 13:06:26 MST

Completed commission for "Boo Destroyer".It’s always a surprise when someone commissions me to draw one of my own characters, and makes me feel happy someone else likes my ideas. This one is for a guy “Boo Destroyer” who remembers ancient art of mine. LOL Jenna is one of my oldest characters and when I first created her over a decade ago, she was going to try and help protect the city via a robotic suit she designed.

Bubblegum Crisis is one of my favorite anime and at the time of her creation they rebooted the series so that was a big influence. (I prefer the original version of BC in the late 80s… ) I later realized that it might be seen too much as a rip off so scrapped the idea and the fic that went along with it (plus she ended up becoming a baddie anyway XD). However Boo liked Jenna and her robotic suit and commissioned this. I had to dig through old art to find the original pic but I tweaked it anyway.

For a comparison of the original 2002 design and this one, go here:

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