Kyle and Felony Dolls by felonykat

Kyle and Felony Dolls


1 February 2014 at 14:07:14 MST

Made a couple of custom Monster High doll versions of my demon kitty characters Kyle R. Kat (aka Onslaught) and Felony Kat (aka Renegade). These are still a work in progress but they are mostly done. I want to redo Kyle's eyes and he needs his hair trimmed. Both need tails which I have but need to paint and both need the rest of their jewelry.

To create Kyle, I used a Forbitten Clawd doll. I removed his hair from his head and removed the paint for his face. I repainted the head and body with Appel Barrel acrylic paint for his purple 'fur'. His eyes I used a paint marker. His eyebrows I used a purple paint marker. His hair is a wig I made using faux fur. The pants, shoes and belt came with the doll and painted over using black fabric marker and black and silver paint markers. His gloves I made from black fabric. His collar is made from a shiny faux leather fabric.

To create Felony, I used the Create-A-Monster werewolf body (grey). Her wig is a Moxie Girlz wig which I trimmed and removed the strap from. I made two holes through the wig and head to connect the ears to after clipping off the barette part and pushed in the peg part to keep the wig connected. The pants were made by Poecat as a test run and I sewed on a strip of fabric and buckle for her belt. The shirt was made of black fabric as her gloves. The collar I painted one of the bracelets black that came with the Moxie wig. Then I had to cut it to slip on the ring. The padlock came from a MH fashion pack (Entrepreneur’s Club) which I clipped off the necklace, painted silver and slid on the ring. The shoes are from a Stardoll fashion pack. I also painted her eyes from blue to orange using orange paint marker.

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