Hey there stranger! You new to these parts? Well then, let me tell you a little about myself! I'm Cat~. Or you can call me Mai Cat! That's my favorite nickname! Teehee~

I am a furry artist that specializes in all things cute and floofy! No really, I'll find a way to cutiefy anything!!! No exceptions! I adore drawing in the chibi art style, but will also draw feral and anthros as well. I'm not particularly social, but once I've warmed up to you, expect a close friend out of me! I'm loyal to those I care about the most~

I hope you guys will enjoy my art and decided to follow me for the ride! It helps me more than you might think! ❤❤❤

Other Sites I am On: ★★Deviantart
Please refrain from sending me Friend Requests if I do not know you. They will be ignored.

❁Personal Project❁

As an artist, I guess this is expected, but I'll talk about it anyways! I've always dreamed of being a comic creator, so stereotypically I am in the midst of creating my own. I spend lots of time on it, in hopes of one day posting it and be able to entertain you guys! Entertaining others puts me in my happyplace, and I hope to get my project done to do just that! I hope you will choose to stick around long enough for that! ~❤

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It's Been Too Long!

on 14 July 2016 at 15:49:37 MDT

Hello everyone! Cat here! I'm writing this to let everyone here know I am reviving this old account! My last post was in 2014, and I felt this site didn't have much to offer for me. I was very depressed during those times, and just stuck to Deviantart.

But now I want to come back here and start fresh! But I didn't want to make a brand new account, so I requested that I get my username changed. I hope to be called Felisundae instead of Artistic-Kittycharm in the near future!

My old name is... a burden to me from my younger years, silly as that sounds. I just want a small change. I am posting at least two years worth of art - the ones I feel most proud of. Not all of them! And I'll even post some art that I have yet to post on my DA as a sort of merit to checking this gallery out!

I really do hope to update my home page with a fresh coat of proverbial paint.

Hope to become part of this community again! </3

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