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2 August 2015 at 09:36:32 MDT

[Short note in front: I try to work close to historical facts but I cannot guarantee accuratcy. Furthermore the final time setting is still a work in process. Also sorry for typos :')]

Although Alessio is often portrait in a proud/arrogant way you have to consider the social position of medics in his time period [16th and 17th century]

Barber surgeons, surgeons and studied medics, these are three professions we need to take a closer look at when dealing with healing arts in Middle Ages and Renaissance.

Barber surgeons worked in bathhouses or travelled around earn a living with selling wonderous elixirs for every imaginable ailment.
They are allowed to take care of small wounds. The cheapest option and the first contact point in case you canine ladies and feline gentlemen have problems with fleas, small amputations or your fur is shedding for no explainable reason. Looking back in history for a long time these guys offered the only medical help for the majority of society. Missing knowledge but a colorful show on your local market place will make you buy mostly useless potions. As a natural consequence it led to a bad reputation. Barber surgeons work and live on the fringe of society, next to gravediggers and prostitutes.

Surgeons are a relatively new direction when it comes to health care. They came up with medical emergencies especially in wartimes. Unlike barber surgeons they are allowed to treat bigger wounds and work together with studied medics.
Your leg is rotten? Go and find a surgeon, he'll sure has the right treatment.

As a studied medic you have two options: With a good reputation and contacts you'll end as a private doctor for a well-heeled margrave. Hmm, what a life. Otherwise you settle down, offering your services for the population in your town.
With this profession you are allowed to operate on open bodies (everything down the neck and above the thights). Fun fact: Normally you will not operate on your own, surgeons will do the operation while following your instructions. Thanks to the changing influence of church this procedure is slowly changing.

Alessio is in fact a studied medic with surgeon roots. He is working in a medium-sized town and prefers to work without others surgeons around him.

Studied or not, prejudice and suspicion are topics every doctor has to deal with, especially those who work for a broad range of potential patients. Every surgical intervention has a high risk of complications during and after the treatment. It is not important how accurate your work was, when a patient dies a person in sorrow is left behind. Some will accept the death as God-given destiny, others will accuse the medic publicly, causing serious problems: financial penalty, exile, heresy.

However, in these times medical science is developing more than the centuries before, but still remaining incompatible with fundamental principles of the omnipresent church. In times of war they offer support and consistency, a better fundament for a good life than revolutionary ideas of insight and knowledge about the world around you.

Thus a certain attitude of authority and strength is needed to survive the daily life as a medic.

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