FarumirWorks - Monster Paws commissions prices by Farumir Works

FarumirWorks - Monster Paws commissions prices

Farumir Works

6 June 2017 at 08:29:35 MDT

The new price sheet for my new style of gloves for monster costumes, easy to put on and take off and very realistic (and scary with those new bigger, stronger and sharper claws I make).

But I can't stress enough that these are made from Latex rubber, so if you are allergic to latex then I wouldn't recommend commissioning for these...for people who aren't allergic to latex only I'm afraid.

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    Any chance for silicone ones for us latex allergic folk?

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      I could try, but the claws would also have to be silicone then as silicone most of the time won't stick to anything that's not also silicone. Also with them being one-size-fit-all silicone versions would be very floppy and baggy unless I do a skin-tight cast but for that I would need a life-cast of the commissioner's hands to cast around, otherwise the gloves could turn out too tight or too loose on their hands.

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        Oh dear that's all really good points...
        I'm finding getting a suit of my sona is going to be hard as hell without using latex, and this frustrates me, but no one has explained why until now. Thank you!

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          Yes unfortunately silicone, as life-like and popular as it is, is VERY difficult to work with...the only glue that will work with it is sil-poxy and more silicone, not to mention that silicone in liquid form is extremely fickle; the tiniest thing such as a flake of dust or drop of grease can contaminate it which will result in the silicone not curing at all. And silicone hates latex with a passion, that is why when working with it you never wear latex gloves. Not to mention that silicone is more prone to air bubbles as it cures in just a matter of hours unlike latex which can take weeks to cure 8 layers fully. Silicone is meant only for prosthetic costuming really...masks and body parts deliberately cast to stick to your skin for total realism.

          if you're allergic to latex and don't want to fork out for expensive silicone art from Immortal Masks or CFX masks etc, then your best bet would be to make do with padded sewn gloves.

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            Wow holy cats, THANK you for this explanation. I've also been upset year after year that so many halloween and haunted house props, costumes, and makeup are all latex based. But hearing this? I can now see why! Its a shame... but maybe someday we'll find a different material besides both of these options.

            And yeah I've seen the padded sewn ones, but they're not very... threatening looking. I wonder if ClockworkCreatures uses latex. Ah, I am now super interested in how suiting or costume making even works. I thought it was way more simpler than you're describing. Now the prices also make sense lol

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              I learned how to make my werewolves from Clockwork Creature, they only make resin masks. Besides her queue is always huge since she is the best on the animal costume market and her amazing work is definitely not within the price range for costume-beginners...an armatured tail I bought from her was $200. Silicone is not cheap either so it's a case of 'only buy it if you are good at using it', so unless you've had some practice with a trial kit of it, it's not ideal for a first mask or first set of gloves. But making small prosthetics with them like scary brows and noses is easy enough. Painting however needs to be done only with paints specifically made for silicone; psycho-paints from Smooth-on and Bentley Chemicals are brilliant for painting silicone with and can even be watered down with lighter fluid for air-brushing.

              There's PVA rubber, but I don't know where people can get that nor how to work with it.

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                Oh boy, thank you for all the help! I'm absolutely terrible at 3D creation of almost any kind, so I'm mostly looking to buy.

                Also, you can totally see that you learned from her! When I first saw the stuff I totally thought it WAS clockwork creature

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                  I will be looking into silicone glove soon though, just need to finish this hyena monster mask I have at the moment first, so keep an eye out and maybe I'll have them ready for 2018.

                  Really? Wow I feel honored now...she's my artist idol lol.

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                    Oh awesome, I'll definitely keep an eye out, and that mask sounds kick ass

                    You're welcome! Its totally true, when I saw them I wondered why they didn't show up in my updates first since i follow her on here haha