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All I See Is Not For Me by farorenightclaw

All I See Is Not For Me


I'm taking the fire escape
Up to the roof
Don't care if it's not the way
You find the truth
And when I get up that high
I don't know what I'll find
But I'd rather look at the sky
Than wonder why I let you take my time
Time to make this climb
To rise above
~Blue Man Group, Up To The Roof

Kayce belongs to  cassiobunny cassiobunny
Art by me!


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    <3 this song too <3

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      Love that whole album.

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        It's quite a good album! Both the Rockstar and Live Megastar ones. "This song" was referring to the lyrics Cassio quoted from their posting of this picture c:

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    I remember when I used to have long hair, almost fell off a cliff cause of it... worth it though, I looked fabulous