Adoptables: Food Furs by farorenightclaw

Adoptables: Food Furs


24 November 2014 at 15:24:52 MST

Since I know a lot of people are fans of my character Pudding (one of the first foodfurs, AFAIK), and like foodfurs in general, I figured I'd do some adoptables in the theme!

First off we have a pink fairy armadillo made of ice cream and waffle cone. Her claws are chocolate and she features chocolate chip 'freckles' on strawberry ice cream. She's pretty short and pudgy! Starting bid: $20.

Secondly we have a striped skunk made of blueberry pie. She has filling for hair and 'stripes' made of cuts in her crust that display the tasty blueberry goo inside. Ruffles in her crust decorate her ankles, wrists and neck. She's curvy! Starting bid: $20.

Bidding will end on the 26th at noon PST.

Bidding will happen on FA, click here to bid.

Characters belong to whoever ends up winning the bids!
Art by me!