Deep In The Hive by farorenightclaw

Deep In The Hive


13 May 2014 at 12:25:55 MDT

H R Giger died yesterday. I wanted to do a piece as a tribute, so of course I turned to xenomorphs to try to do that.

I played with several different concepts, but ultimately decided on an Acheron Queen protecting an egg. To me, the egg represents Giger's work and all that would come from it; the Queen, while not designed by Giger himself, represents the evolution of his work into popular culture and the work of the many artists who were influenced by him. The Queen would do anything to protect her eggs; anything to aid the survival of her hive. Likewise, Giger's fans are a tenacious and enthusiastic bunch, and many of us are voracious in our diehard appreciation of his work.

RIP H R Giger. You were an amazing creator and you inspired so many. Your essence lives on in your work and the minds of us who loved it.

Xenomorph original design by H R Giger
Acheron Queen design by Stan Winston
Art by me