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Farore Innards by farorenightclaw

Farore Innards


7 February 2014 at 09:14:19 MST

Redesigned innards for the new Farore.

A titanium ribcage, removable in two pieces, protects lungs that provide cooling for the internal systems, particularly the power supply. The red, amber and green lights indicate power levels, the blue bar indicates connectivity. Below that we find the 'stomach', which utilizes a bacterial-enzyme-based power system, converting sugars to electricity. The red/amber/green bars indicate stomach activity and the window on the front allows the process to be viewed. Vents below the window expel excess gas byproducts. Lower still we find the nanite fluid tanks, which connect to a ventral port for adding more fluid. The nanite fluid carries billions of nanobots which repair damages and maintain system integrity. Beneath these are the abdominal 'muscles' which can be pushed aside to reveal 'guts' that contain the main reservoirs of oil which furthers cooling and is used as joint lubricant.

So yeah! A good reference if you want to draw Farore with its chest panel off.

Farore, artwork © kWilson 2014