buried in teeth by farorenightclaw

buried in teeth


10 January 2014 at 13:29:42 MST

the crash of molars, it sifts us downward
down past the roll of ancient thunder
down past the delicate bones of bird wings
those that never took the flight of morning
down past the fossiled ferns and antlers
a pack of ghost wolves are gonna bring you under
and down past the stomachs filled with berries
swallowed down into the gut of centuries

where we'll petrify
strong-willed, feeble, amber-eyed
there we'll petrify
strong-lunged, weary, amber-eyed
strong-winged, teary, amber-eyed

Lyrics by Mariee Sioux
Artwork © kWilson 2014

can't tell if those are black holes i spy
staring down at us
sucking starlight through our eyes