The Relaxation Pod: Episode 8: Ocean by farorenightclaw

The Relaxation Pod: Episode 8: Ocean

The Relaxation Pod: Episode 8: Ocean


19 April 2017 at 12:23:55 MDT

Here's another episode! This one is some guided imagery about being on a beach by the ocean, relaxing in a hammock, and slowly drifting off to sleep. I hope it does help you sleep or at least get nice and relaxed. Lots of repetition here. I wanted to include ocean sounds in the background but they kept coming out distorted so you'll just have to imagine them :)

[[This podcast is for entertainment purposes only. I am an amateur hypnotist and I do not claim to treat or prevent any illness or condition. Please ensure that while listening to this podcast that you are somewhere safe and comfortable, with as few distractions as possible, where you won't be interrupted or bothered during the show. I advise against listening to this cast while doing anything active, such as working or driving or walking or talking, and humbly request that to gain the full effect of the relaxation techniques provided herein, you give this podcast your full attention. Happy trancing, everyone!]]

NOTE: as always, the art is clip art, not my own work.

Please give me your feedback or critique or praise or whatever! I love knowing how these affect the listeners, and I'm also open to any comments about technique etc. Using a better mic this time, hope it helps!

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