Heart Day Hugs by farorenightclaw

Heart Day Hugs


15 February 2017 at 03:37:57 MST

A stream commission I did a while back for the lovely Deejay (if you missed it, it's because I did it during my off-hours due to time conflicts for the poor wrong-time-zone drgn) that he asked I hold back on posting til Valentine's. Well, it's technically V DAY now (or, actually, the day after by my clock) so here it is! A very sweet picture of Deejay and Wan having some nice snuggles. Awh :3

Deejay belongs to DeejayDragon DeejayDragon
Wan belongs to wanny wanny
Art by me!

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    It's adorable, thank you for this!

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      Of course! Oh, let me send you a collection offer if you didn't get one already. <3