We Rule This Town by farorenightclaw

We Rule This Town


5 September 2016 at 18:45:21 MDT

Commission for CeeJay of their characters, left to right: Tempus, Ekaterina, Franklin, and Cherry. Just some teenage siblings hangin' out. Yep, Franklin is glitching.

Yes, these are Undertale fan characters. No, I don't know anything about Undertale, so comments relating to it will go over my head. No, I will not do commissions of fan characters for most franchises. The creator of Undertale has said he is okay with one-off commissions. I will also do My Little Pony, Pokemon, and Digimon fan characters. Everything else is case-by-case.

Background from: http://retoucher07030.deviantart.com/art/High-School-Sports-2-82279206

Characters belong to   pzowned
Art by me!

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