Burn The Sun by farorenightclaw

Burn The Sun


25 August 2016 at 02:46:40 MDT

I must abuse myself
I'm against all that I've made up
Set in stone, the sun will come
And I hate light
You know I hate light
To me it looks so pretty burning!

An image that came to mind while I was listening to Take It Away by The Used. For those not familiar, the world Experiment 319 lives in (Cold Earth) is a postapocalyptic one; but even in the chaos, as new societies are forming with new rules, 319 finds itself an outcast. It spends most of its time wandering the wastes alone, stopping in a town long enough to get some nutrients and clean water before it gets chased off again - or at least have it made so clear that the townsfolk would LIKE to chase it off, but are too POLITE to, that it feels the ol' wanderlust kick up again and it's time to move on. Most of where 319 lives is blasted, irradiated desert, so it's usually better to travel in the mornings and evenings - day is too hot, and night brings questionable company. 319 is more than capable of defending itself, but in the shimmering heat, the sand, the rocks, the ruins, sometimes it seems the sun is just trying to spite it as it goes down, searing the experiment's atrophied eyes.

Brothers and sisters
I'm right here with you
'Cause everyone's got one
A story to kill me

Ground texture used from here: http://burtn.deviantart.com/art/Cooling-down-186915916
Experiment 319 & art by me!

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