GIFT: LongBlueClaw - Enhanced Weaponry by farorenightclaw

GIFT: LongBlueClaw - Enhanced Weaponry


23 May 2016 at 21:01:22 MDT

A pretty sketchy thing LBC did for me out of the blue, Farore with the long claws that are his trademark, glowing! I love how he draws hands/paws/claws so getting this was a special treat <3

Farore belongs to me!
Art by longblueclaw longblueclaw


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    What's the betting they mostly get used for reaching that really awkwardly-located itch on one's back?

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      Oh my god that would be SO USEFUL.

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        This is why we need to work on furrifying the human body ASAP. It's just too advantageous not to.

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    love those claws!