COMMISSION: Viral_Divinity - Charge Pod by farorenightclaw

COMMISSION: Viral_Divinity - Charge Pod


17 May 2016 at 15:50:43 MDT

Here's another 2014 goodie, a commission Viral_Divinity did for me of Farore's old design curled up in faer interpretation of its charging pod. Farore in a charging pod is an idea I keep coming back to, though I've yet to draw it myself, and Viral really knocked it out of the park on this one. Looking at it gives me such a sense of peace and comfort, with the warm lighting and soft fluffy details. Farore is often drawn in a rather cool color scheme, which I like, but the contrast here of the warm tones from the light and the cushion is just really soothing. I look at all my gifts, trades, and commissions, things others have done for me, on a fairly regular basis, but this is one I always pause on to soak in the atmosphere.

Farore belongs to me!
Art by viraldivinity viraldivinity