Some Assembly Required by farorenightclaw

Some Assembly Required


11 April 2016 at 18:51:46 MDT

AGCB's poor ankylosaur plush seems to be in a bit of a pickle. Someone's zipped her hands and feet off, and left her front zipper open, too - and now her stuffing is spilling out! Oh, the plushmanity. Won't someone help her? Or perhaps it'd be more fun to just leave her helpless for a while...

Why does FA have 'dinosaur - sauropod' and 'dinosaur - theropod' species tags but .. no other dinosaur ones? Not even 'dinosaur - other'? NOT ALL DINOS ARE SAUROPODS OR THEROPODS YAKNOW! stomps off in a bout of paleontological rage

Character belongs to agcb agcb
Art by me!

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