TRADE: P01D - Repairs and Upgrades by farorenightclaw

TRADE: P01D - Repairs and Upgrades


1 August 2015 at 11:31:50 MDT

This is the first picture anyone other than me has drawn of Farore 2.1! P01D did this as part of our trade (I drew the multifur cerberus babe for them) and I really think it's gorgeous. All the glowy lights :D It's always fun to see other artists' interpretations of my characters and I really like what P01D did here. Plus, repair/upgrade scenarios always give me tingly good feels.

Farore 2.1 is mine
Art by P01D


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    Upgrading to Windows 10 I see

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      Something like that!

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        I imagine ads popping up in your vision @-@
        And lots of blue screens