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Palette Pokemon [Compilation] by FallenZephyr

Palette Pokemon [Compilation]


A compilation of all of the Pokemon icons I’ve drawn over the past few weeks!

I was originally going to draw 24 of these fantastic palette icons but since I've been doing so many of them for the past few weeks, I decided to cut it short at 21 icons (which is still a lot)! They were all really fun to draw and I even got to experiment with a new style! If I had to pick a favourite out of all of these, I'd probably have to choose Sylveon or Luxray; I enjoyed drawing those two the most and the palettes chosen for them were absolutely gorgeous

I've made all of these icons available for download as a .ZIP file here if you want to have all of them at your disposal! Of course, all of these icons can be found individually on my art blog here:

Colours are from this palette meme (the first 4 icons) and my 100 Palette Challenge!

All rights reserved. Do not redistribute, claim, copy, edit, or use in any way. Sharing, posting, and rehosting on other sites is not permitted without written permission!

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