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E&A / Get Me Out of Here (Original Composition) by everestian

E&A / Get Me Out of Here (Original Composition)

E&A / Get Me Out of Here (Original Composition)


Sorry for deleting the original submission but I wanted to repost and add some new things to the song.

As mentioned before, the origin of the song stems from a request made by a close friend of mine who wanted to do something special for his girlfriend. I volunteered to write a song for him and he said it would be a brilliant idea. After about four days of pondering lyrics, I came to a familiar chord progression inspired by of Montreal. Pretty soon I had the backbone prepared. All I needed was a bridge and a couple of harmony parts. Those came to me naturally since I was playing around with B and E major chords in the song anyway.

This is a revamped version and I hope that my friend and his girlfriend enjoys this performance. :)

I hope you guys do as well! Thanks for listening guys and gals!

E&A met at a corner
They talked until they loved each other

He walked to her place
To find out more about themselves

While she may be small
She writes and reads
And does all the things he loves

He says he is tall
But is gentle, shy, and nervous

‘Round people he sees
She calms him down and tells him

It’s alright to be scared
Now it’s time to have some fun
Playing games on the TV
How very sweet!

He said:
“Get me out of here
And I’ll show you love like you never seen
I am here
To be your rock, your pedestal where you lay
Your dreams
On my soul I spent years building for you”

E&A met in June
But they soon found out they’re opposites

She listens to pop
But he thinks his other music’s better

She still captures his fancy
With her dark brown hair
And a set of aquamarine eyes

While he tends to hide his name
She is proud to say that she is Dutch

But he is not afraid
To say that they’re vanilla people

They talked till the sunrise
Their bodies wrapped against each other
Soon, he had to go

But he had a final comment

“Darling your eyes
They’re bright as a comet
From the Kuiper Belt”

She said:
“Get me out of here
I will tell you how the world will love you so
I am here
To be your muse, your everlasting flame
Kindled love
Unconditional is what I have for you”

And a thought crept inside his mind…

You’ll never find another girl like her (repeat till fade out)

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