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Necromancer by Evangellos (critique requested)

Necromancer (critique requested)


A surprisingly quick painting I completed in the span of 6 hours or so. I wanted to crank out a drawing before I do more requests.
Overall pretty impressed with cranking out a portrait in much less time than it usually takes me to do a drawing and adding some detail like the eye effect and some other fur pattern stuff. I also did surprisingly well with using thin lines. I am really trying to control my pen pressure but also being okay with the general flow. It's also nice to work on a species other than canines.

Still, I think the highlights on the hair just don't look bright enough whereas the shading on the body is almost too bright.

This is a Necromancer, a counterpart to my Paladin character. He has a name, but I don't think it's important to share right now. However, despite his looks and his dark profession, he's a very close friend to the Paladin and they help each other out from time to time.

As usual, I take a ton of inspiration from Koul for the use of shadows and at times anatomy.
I really can't take all of the credit here.

Art & Character by me Evangellos

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