euthanizedCanine's 2K17 Commissions [OPEN] by euthanizedCanine

euthanizedCanine's 2K17 Commissions [OPEN]


26 July 2017 at 17:54:52 MDT

Heyo guys! I think I finally settled on prices I'm good with for now.

My commissions are only SFW!! Anything NSFW will only be coming out in the forms of YCH auctions on FA/mature websites to keep minors from it.
Please read through the following terms and only then commission me.
Check out my gallery for examples of what I can draw

These are my Terms of Service.

  • If for some reason, I neglect to do your commission in one month, you have a right to a full refund.
  • If I choose to deny you service for any reason I deem fit (a few examples: you're a known scammer/ known for plagiarism, etc.), you will also get a refund.
  • Please do not haggle with me. Prices are as is. I will only change them when I deem fit, and if so, you will be guaranteed your previous agreed upon price.
  • You are free to post the work I created for you online on ANY website, but you MUST credit me by linking back to me/putting down the source (AKA me).
  • Do not claim the images as your own work or somebody else's.
  • The images cannot be used for commercial purposes unless explicitly commissioned for that purpose and I am fully informed.
  • If you want a progress sketch, just ask! I will not offer one unless requested due to that I usually do my commissions in one or two sittings.
  • If you receive the progress sketch and want changes, just say so! I will not change it once the image is finished.
  • Extra sets of eyes, ears, piercings, or anything small will not be of any added cost.
  • Payment through Paypal/USD. No points please, as deviantArt takes a cut and so does Paypal.
  • When sending payment through PayPal, send me a comment with it telling me your username for clarity.
  • Must be willing to pay upfront within 24 hours of claiming a slot.
  • Tell me what stage you want plus portion of the body. An example being "Can I get a Bloom Fullbody?" or "Seed Headshot", so on and so forth.
  • You can send me a commission form through a comment or a note. It is up to you.
  • Background will be simple, either flat or transparent. Small props will not be of added cost.
  • Turnaround time should be within a week of the reference sheet submitted along with payment.
  • If you have any other questions feel free to ask! I don't bite c:
  • Adding another character will add 75% of the price onto the original price. (multiply the price by 1.75)
  • I can only draw animals, feral and anthropomorphic. No humans.

Commission Form must have

  • Reference Sheet
  • What type of commission
  • Desired expression/position, do tell me if you'd like artistic freedom.

Slots Available:
1. Taken + Paid (Furry Amino)