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Maple Syrup DTIYS Level 2 by eukaryoticprokaryote

Maple Syrup DTIYS Level 2


As a reminder, I decided to do my first ever DTIYS.  This is based off of

The character, Maple is a Canadian Reindeer (who belongs to @jaynski (

So, after drawing the first DTIYS, I decided, "What the hell?  The original artist said it was OK to put Maple in different clothes, and so I did.  I PUT THEM IN ALL THE CLOTHES!"

In all seriousness, I decided to have a bit of fun and designed a beautiful outfit for Maple to wear...apparently in sub-zero temperature in powdery snow.  Actually, my thought was to take Maple's color scheme and translate it over into an outfit I might design.  And while I had fun, Maple's another story.  They look like they're not so sure of all of this.  Maybe if I give them pancakes afterwards, all will be forgiven.

(In reality, I modeled this piece after Maple's leftmost pose in the second slide of the Instagram post).

And now, I am going to bed, because I was up until at least 4am yesterday, and 3am today working on both images.  I hope that I didn't go overboard with the liberties that I took with this characters' clothes.

Comments and critiques, as always, are welcome!

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