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Promised Klonoas 3 by Ettie

Promised Klonoas 3


See? I told ya I'd do it.

In fact, I actually did it way sooner than I thought I would! In the midst of life continuing to happen at me, I nearly forgot about this most blessed and sacred of holidays, Klonoa Day! (it's a Japanese pun on the pronunciation of 9 and 6 for September 6th). So with my next round of wrist treatment scheduled to happen just a week prior, I realized I wouldn't be able to properly celebrate on the day-of, so I whipped these up in advance the week before!

For these sketches, I wanted to practice drawing quickly without worrying too much about the outcome, so they're all a little off in one way or another, but all things considered, I like how they came out! It ended up being a pretty good experiment, and I think I might try to do more fast-not-caring-practice in the future. Not caring is so much easier, after all! This pic was the first one I drew and was just meant to be a warmup, hence why its anatomy is the most wonky of the bunch, but I still figured hey, more Klonoa is always good, right?

Also, Klonoa, in spite of being a relatively simple character, is... weirdly hard to draw! And every artist under the sun who has ever drawn him has their own interpretation of how to represent him, too. I still haven't really settled at all on what my "Klonoa comfort zone" is, but by the same token, that also makes him a perfect candidate for trying out different styles and body types, which was another thing I wanted to experiment with! I've been in a "big pawbs" mood lately, hence the, well, big pawbs, but beyond that, I just kinda stuck with the theme of not caring about output and did whatever felt right for the given sketch, so that's why there's some stylistic inconsistency between each of them too (especially in the face). Personally, I think I like the second one the best, it just feels softer than the others! But they all have their own flavor, and I'm sure I'll continue to experiment more in the future.

Well... I guess that's all I have to say on these! Sorry for being so wordy! Please Love This Boy. Thank you.

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