Lady Killer (grayscale) by Ettie

Lady Killer (grayscale)


1 October 2020 at 14:40:16 MDT

Is she a lady who kills? Is she in danger? Does she kill other ladies? Is this some sort of sexy euphemism? NOBODY KNOWS!!

A Digital Refined Sketch commission for SinkSankSunk!

[Sketch Version]

Like all of my recent drawings, this, too, turned into another opportunity to try something new. I've never attempted any sort of coloring before, but something about drawing a character with stripes made me feel like "hey yeah, let's give it a shot!" So I did a blind attempt at grayscale flats. The end result was... okay! There's a fair bit I still have to learn about doing it "properly," so I don't think I prefer it over sketch shading for now. That means it's probably something I won't be returning to for a little while, but it's definitely cool to at least be able to say, "Hey yeah, I did it!"

Emily belongs to SinkSankSunk

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