02 Magical Girl Adopt: Cutie Heart by Ethlenrain

02 Magical Girl Adopt: Cutie Heart


19 August 2014 at 04:27:17 MDT

Gah. OKAY SO I ACTUALLY REALLY LIKE HER. I don't want to let her go ;3; But uhh. I don't need, but then, I need her?! I'm pretty indecisive. So I'm setting the price to:


If you have a deviantart account, you can pay in points here: http://ethlenrain.deviantart.com/art/02-Magical-Girl-Adopt-Cutie-Heart-OPEN-476442141

I'm aware that this is like a million times more than what I normally charge, but I think the quality & design is better than what I normally do pffttppfpfasd and I really like her so I'm more reluctant to let her go.

You will receive: an unwatermarked .gif & jpg, and a transparent png. You can request a version without the horns and staff as I put those on separate layers.

You can read about my Ribboni Original Species here: http://sta.sh/01o74dc3zm7l

♥ Sold items are not returnable. No refunds.
♥ If you win, you will gain rights to the character design, not the artwork. Please give credit to my design. The reference files that you will receive will be for your personal use only.

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