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F2U Couple Bases February 2018 by Ethelbutt

F2U Couple Bases February 2018


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A free base set I made for people looking for some Valentines Day poses on Deviantart but was sort of late uploading them here. You can use them for whatever you want though!

There's a total of 3 this time.

It comes in PNG.

Adoptables are allowed and you can sell them for points, cash, etc.
Gore and nudity are allowed to be added to these bases. However nothing hateful may be attributed to these bases (racism, homophobia, hate art, etc.). Please use a censor accordingly if it is needed.
You must credit me when you use any of the bases! do NOT claim the line art or bases as your own.
Feel free to mix and match these however you want
You may alter the bases, but you may NOT trace them. You may look to them as a reference if need be (I don't own the human body or any pose it can make so hey who am I to stop you) credit would still be appreciated though if used in that way :3
You're free to use them for fan art or for creating characters, all the same rules apply.
Do NOT resell the base you can sell adopts on this but not the base itself.

Hope you have fun with them~

Art and Bases (c) to moi, Ethelbutt

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