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Going on a trip these holidays, and future stuff by EthanQix

Going on a trip these holidays, and future stuff


13 December 2017 at 09:01:36 MST

A heads-up that I and my family are going on a trip to Brazil for three weeks, so I will be out of the country until from December 18th to January 8th. I will not be able to make any art until I'm back ; however, I should be able to keep the Patreon Weekly polls going. If I can't, you'll know why.

Next is the recent Patreon fee changes. I think Patreon is shooting themselves in the foot with this gag, and unfortunately that is not the first time that they're doing stupid stuff. I've always thought Patreon is a great idea with terrible execution, hopefully they get their shit together if the fan backlash is big enough. Either way, I will wait until after my trip to decide what to do about it. If you wish to stop supporting me because of the fee changes, I understand, and I thank you for supporting me so far.

Finally, I'm planning on making some changes to my brand in 2018, starting with separating my SFW from my NSFW works. For now the "Ethan Qix" brand is very much linked to adult works, and I wish to change that in the future. I'll keep you informed on the details once I'm back from my trip.

Thanks for reading, and have pleasant holidays :)

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